Optimum’s Guide to Working in Albuquerque

Feb 20, 2020

We recently wrote about start-up growth in Albuquerque and how it’s transforming the city’s business world. It’s booming, and there’s a strong case for starting and growing a business in this New Mexico location. From culture to festivals and events, to forest hiking, and even history tours— Albuquerque has high energy and a lot to explore.

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There is Nothing as Valuable as Our Time

Feb 6, 2020

Time is the one thing we can never buy more of. It’s a precious resource and one that we need to use wisely. However, all too often, we find ourselves whiling away an afternoon on admin, losing hours to meetings, and zoning out while doing repetitive tasks. Here’s how to get more out of your time – the right way.

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How Tech Startups are Transforming Business in Albuquerque

Jan 30, 2020

Tech startups are no longer only synonymous with Silicon Valley, Austin, or New York. Soaring rents, glutted markets, and more cautious investors looking for real-world profitability over on-paper potential are driving startups to business-friendly cities like Albuquerque. And with growth in the startup space comes growth in the small business sector more generally. Albuquerque Means…

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The Cost of Ignoring Employee Wellness

Jan 16, 2020

With most employees spending roughly a third of their lives at work, organizations should be proactive about ensuring that their workplaces are designed to foster overall wellbeing. Wellness, after all, is critical to facilitating productivity and competitiveness. When wellness is neglected, businesses are likely to see an uptick in sick days, disengagement, and turnover. Executives…

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How Corporate Enterprises Are Using Coworking Spaces

Jan 9, 2020

Coworking spaces have long been viewed – and marketed – as a destination for freelancers, startups, and small companies. However, these are far from the only groups who use coworking spaces. The flexible nature of these environments means that they’re ideal for a quick drop-in, a day-long meeting, or a temporary office space. As a result, large corporations are increasingly taking advantage of what coworking spaces have to offer.

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Achieving all Dimensions of Wellness in the Workplace

Dec 27, 2019

Wellness isn’t just about physical health. It’s about actively making decisions that positively impact the many dimensions of wellbeing, including emotional, social and environmental. At Optimum, we believe that wellness should be a central component of every part of your daily life, including your work life. That’s why we’ve created a mindfully curated space that’s…

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Why Brokers Should Partner with Coworking Spaces

Dec 19, 2019

The market for coworking space is growing, leading to companies and individuals looking for brokers to help them find the perfect spot. According to Statista, in 2017, 542,000 people were working in coworking spaces in the U.S., and this is forecasted to increase to about 1.08 million in 2022. This impressive stat leads us to believe that now is the perfect time for brokers to jump in on the growing success of this new market. Brokers can gain significant benefits from placing clients in these spaces.

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How Employee and Executive Goals Intersect Through Wellness

Dec 16, 2019
Employee Wellness

Too often, business objectives and employee work-life balance are seen as being at odds with each other. Executives want to grow their company’s bottom line, which usually involves squeezing as much productivity as possible from their workers while keeping costs down. Employees want to advance their careers, but typically not at the expense of their wellbeing. In reality, these goals shouldn’t be an either/or proposition. A healthy, positive working environment can help both executives and employees achieve their goals.

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Prevention vs. Cure: Employee Wellness

Nov 22, 2019

At first glance, employee and executive goals may seem divergent. Executives are focused on the bottom line, while employees are focused on their career outcomes. However, engaged employees drive increased company performance, with the opposite also being true. With wellness being critical to employee engagement, companies should commit to integrating it into their day-to-day operations from the beginning – rather than resorting to the familiar struggle of trying to deal with the fallout from employee burnout, stress, and disengagement.

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Employee Experience and Engagement– There’s a Difference

Nov 19, 2019

Every business leader strives to foster a working environment that engages employees. Engaged employees are 22% more productive, resulting in 21% more profitability for their companies. Companies with engaged employees also experience dramatic growth in revenue, stock price, and net income.

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