PEMF Therapy: Fast Acting Therapeutic Recovery

PEMF therapy

Recovery is a vital part of sports performance. After a difficult workout, athletes require downtime so that their muscles, cardiovascular system, and central nervous system can recover. Failing to do this can lead to poor performance or even injury, but busy schedules along with pressure to perform mean that too often, athletes neglect recovery.

Incorporating fast-acting, convenient recovery-based therapeutics such as PEMF “Pulse” Therapy into your recovery regimen can dramatically reduce your recovery time, helping ensure that you’re in your best possible shape for your next workout – and without an extensive time investment.

What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF Therapy uses pulsed electromagnetic waves to therapeutically stimulate muscles and improve blood flow. Non-invasive and with an intensity adjustable to your specific needs, it delivers a low frequency pulsed magnetic field at the cellular level, addressing dysfunction at its source.

PEMF is widely used by casual, serious, and elite athletes looking to optimize their performance and recovery. As such, there are many Pulse Therapy products on the market. At Optimum Human, we’re proud to offer state-of-the-art equipment from Pulse, a leader in the field.

The Benefits of PEMF Therapy

Therapy using PEMF technology temporarily improves blood viscosity, blood circulation, and improved cell metabolism. Routine use of Pulse Therapy can help manage pain, optimize performance, improve muscle conditioning and reduce recovery time.

PEMF Therapy is used to help manage the following conditions or their related symptoms:

  • Chronic lower back pain. PEMF can help reduce back pain and muscle tension as well as fatigue associated with chronic back pain. This can be enormously beneficial for office-based workers or athletes who run, cycle, or lift.
  • Myofascial pain. Pulse therapy can help manage pain in areas such as the head, neck, and shoulders by acting on myofascial connective tissue. Computer workers or athletes who perform overhead or repetitive movements can benefit from this, as can those who experience seasonal allergies or chronic headaches.
  • DOMS and general soreness. PEMF Therapy can reduce the muscle pain associated with DOMS for easier and faster recovery; joint pain may also be reduced. This is beneficial for athletes who participate in HIIT or strength workouts or who work out regularly.
  • Anxiety. Pulse Therapy is soothing and restorative, and those who struggle with anxiety report feeling more relaxed following a session.

What to Expect During Your PEMF Therapy Treatment

PEMF therapeutic equipment comes in many different forms, from small hand-held devices to specialized beds. At Optimum Human, you’ll be able to choose to enjoy your session seated or lying down in our comfortable, tailored Pulse equipment.

PEMF Therapy sessions vary in length but are typically about an hour at a frequency of about twice a week. This allows for enough time for the therapy to address specific areas of concern. Most people report feeling calm and energized after a session, but some may experience temporary soreness or nausea. A “twitching” feeling in your muscles during the therapy is normal.

No specific preparation is required for a PEMF session but wear comfortable clothes and stay hydrated before and after your session. We also recommend speaking with a healthcare professional regarding any concerns you might have.

Explore Pulse Centers PEMF Therapy at Optimum Human

If you’re a casual or serious athlete interested in optimizing your recovery or are simply seeking general relief from muscle soreness or tension, PEMF can be an excellent solution. Contact our trained, expert staff at Optimum Human for more information about our market-leading Pulse PEMF Therapeutics or to tour our full-service human performance center.