7 Signs You Need a Virtual Office

Sep 23, 2020
virtual office

If COVID-19 has taught us anything about work, it’s that it can be done —and done well — remotely. Not only that, but teleworking has a lot of benefits — not the least of which is reducing our chances of contracting or spreading the virus. With so many employees working from home, businesses of all sizes are…

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Reclaim Your Productivity With a Clean and Organized Workspace

Sep 16, 2020
clean workspace

In recent years design trends have shifted towards minimalism and decluttering and organizational gurus have become household names. There’s a reason for this. Clean and organized spaces are associated with balance, optimism, and productivity. In contrast, cluttered, disorderly spaces can have a huge impact on our ability to get things done – and on how…

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The Beauty of Flexibility in the Workplace

Sep 9, 2020
workplace flexibility

There’s no denying that Covid-19 has changed the landscape of many business operations right now. The “new” normal is fast becoming just “normal,” and part of that normal includes increased flexibility for employees. Flexibility in the workspace and the freedom to work from home or adopt a hybrid schedule is something that top talent is…

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Returning to the Office: How to Manage Work Stress

Sep 2, 2020

We all experience work-related stress from time to time. But now that Covid-19 is changing the very nature of how and where we work, we’re facing brand new stressors in addition to the old ones: stay healthy, wear a mask, collaborate while staying socially distanced, tackle technology to connect virtually, don’t congregate in office kitchens (or elevators…

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Ways to Encourage Teamwork While Social Distancing

Aug 26, 2020

One of the great devastators of Covid-19 is the uncertainty of it all. This has and continues to cause increased anxiety for many, especially as society continues to reopen and return to work. There is fear over the possibility of getting sick. And anxiety over possibly unknowingly infecting others. All along with navigating political stigmas and…

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4 Reasons Why a Coworking Service is the Ideal Option

Aug 20, 2020
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There’s no doubt that how we work has been drastically changed. As we start returning to the office or choosing to continue working remotely, businesses will be forced to rethink their workspace and how it will function for years to come. If flexibility, simplicity, and ROI matter to you, then a coworking space or virtual office…

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How to Stay Healthy and Motivated This Summer

Aug 12, 2020

It’s the dog days of summer, and let’s be honest: You don’t really want to be working. You’re probably daydreaming about beaches and pools and barbecues, and your productivity is almost sure to plummet. In fact, 25% of workers feel less productive during June, July, and August. But fear not—we have several tips that can help you stay…

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How to Improve the Workspace Experience in the Age of Covid-19

Aug 5, 2020

Some companies might be ready for their workers to start returning to the office, but have they properly prepared their workspace for our new normal? This goes beyond just following CDC guidelines and social distancing—it’s about enhancing employees’ experiences and well-being. Let’s explore some key steps employers can take to improve their office or coworking…

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8 Ways to Take Your LinkedIn Profile from Good to Great

Jul 29, 2020
linkedin profile

LinkedIn has become a powerhouse in the professional world. Not only should you have an account, but you should also make it the best it can be. Whether you’re using LinkedIn for networking, recruitment, job searching, or to establish yourself as an expert, you’ll want to stand out from the other 575+ million users. How do…

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How to Keep Remote Workers Happy and Engaged

Jul 22, 2020
remote workers

As summer settles in, many of us find it harder to maintain focus on our work. The siren song of the outdoors can be hard to resist, and when your team is remote, it’s even harder to keep workers engaged and motivated. Fortunately, all is not lost. A little extra effort and consideration from management…

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