Human Performance

Born from the desire to make available the most advanced tools for health and longevity, we share a common goal with our clients: to pursue, achieve and maintain peak performance. Optimum is a performance, recovery, and longevity center all in one. We help high-performers, professional athletes, and everyday hustlers accomplish their most ambitious goals by crafting their best selves.


It All Starts With You

Every membership begins with a consultation where we establish a baseline, identify your needs, and develop a program that fits your lifestyle and goals. The baseline testing consists of an insightful health assessment that provides the information necessary to create the most accurate nutrition and fitness plan.


Train to Gain

Our varied, dynamic programming offers a multitude of ways to challenge and exert your body. Our dynamic performance tools allow you to get maximum results in minimal time, taking the guesswork out of working out. Foster strength, balance, and athleticism through exercises that are deliberately aligned to your goals.


Recover Like a Pro

Enhance your body’s natural recovery process through science-based therapies and advanced technology. Our therapeutic recovery services accelerate post-workout recovery, reducing inflammation and soreness, improving sleep, and relieving stress. Select from an array of pioneering and proven treatments according to your recovery needs.


Unlock Your Body’s Potential

The body is a system, not a set of individual parts, and nutrition plays an integral role in maintaining that well-being. Our nutrition experts will work with you to develop a customized nutritional plan that responds to your specific performance and health goals.


Achieve Peak Performance

We’ve hand-curated various modalities, from the latest performance optimization tools to cutting-edge fitness technology– all backed by science.


Consult & Goal Setting
Heart Rate Test
Blood Pressure Test
Oura Ring Sleep-Tracking
Blood Analysis
DNA Testing
Hormone Pellets


AI Bike
AI Strength Machine
Specialized Classes


Salt Room
Hyperbaric Chamber
Pulse Therapy Bed & Chair
Energized Air Therapy
Float Tank Therapy
Compression Therapy
Red Light Laser Therapy
Cryo Chamber


Nutrition Planning
Food Allergy Testing
Microbiome Gut Test
ProLon Fasting Diet
IV Infusions
Ionized Alkaline Water

Upgrade Yourself

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