How the EGYM Can Help You Reach Your Strength and Fitness Goals


Every athlete knows that excellence takes commitment. When it comes to your personal fitness, strength, or aesthetic goals, you get out what you put in. But finding a training program that delivers the results you want can be a challenge, especially when you don’t have access to a personal trainer or an individualized program.

Welcome to Optimum Human’s EGYM, a smart fitness hub that understands where you are in your training, where you need to be, and how to get there. The darling of Silicon Valley, this tech-supported fitness circuit uses connected technology to gamify your training. It uses real-time biometric and workout data to help you meet your goals, achieve new personal bests, and motivate you to stick to your training regimen.

How Does the EGYM Work?

Informed by the latest in exercise science, the EGYM consists of a circuit of ten fitness stations that together work all of the major muscle groups. When you “log on” to the circuit with your EGYM wristband, the machines automatically re-calibrate based on your height, weight, age, goals, and past training logs. A smart touchscreen tells you how many reps to do and at what speed to optimize your outcomes. You’ll also be alerted when to change machines throughout your 45-minute session.

Every workout is logged, and your progress tracked – so that you can keep working towards improved fitness and strength at the pace that works for you. EGYM takes the guesswork out of training, preventing you from overtraining or hitting a frustrating training plateau – and motivating you to keep coming back.

The Benefits of the EGYM

EGYM delivers myriad benefits for beginner and experienced athletes alike:

  • Individualized training. All workouts are informed by your own personal metrics. There’s no guesswork and no trying to conform to the demands of a group workout that may be too easy or too difficult.
  • Promotes good form and minimizes injury. The EGYM calibrates workouts based on your current strength and fitness levels, reducing the risk of injury. The machines also demonstrate the correct technique for each exercise, promoting good form.
  • Full-body workouts. The EGYM’s circuit machines cover all the major muscle groups, ensuring a balanced workout that works every area.
  • Short workout sessions. EGYM sessions are just 45 minutes long, meaning you can get a full-body workout in during your lunch break.
  • Gamification and rewards. The EGYM celebrates wins big and small with you, motivating you to push through tough workouts – and inspiring you to keep coming back.
  • Logs your workouts for you. Instead of logging your own progress or guessing how far you’ve come, the EGYM keeps track of your workout trends for you, showing you where you’ve made gains and at what pace.
  • Additional Premium option. EGYM comes with a premium upgrade option that offers advanced athletes more challenging workouts and more sophisticated metrics.

What to Expect from EGYM

When you sign up for EGYM at Optimum Human, you’ll receive a personalized band that:

  • logs your training metrics
  • gives you access to the machines
  • lets you set and track goals
  • informs your workouts and training regimen

After an orientation, you’ll be ready to start your EGYM workout – and begin hitting your strength, fitness, and wellness goals in a setting that’s comfortable, convenient, and motivating.

For more information about EGYM at Optimum Human or to arrange a tour of our state-of-the-art facility, get in touch!