5 Tips for Finding Your Confidence in The Gym

gym confidence

Starting a new fitness regimen can be daunting, especially in an unfamiliar place. In fact, “gymtimidation” is enough to keep many people from making a positive change in their lives. But embracing strength and fitness is all about temporary discomfort – starting with squaring your shoulders and signing up for a membership.

Here’s how to leave that imposter syndrome at home – and gain confidence at the gym.

1. Know That Everyone is Focused On their Own Workout

We’re all hyper-focused on how we’re being perceived, making it easy to worry that others are staring or judging – especially when we’re in a new and unfamiliar environment. But just like how we tend to only look at ourselves when assessing a group photo, everyone at the gym is focused on what they’re doing, not what you are. A solid workout with good form takes focus and effort, which doesn’t leave time for checking out what everyone else is up to.

2. Know That Everyone Has to Start Somewhere

No one is a competitive athlete on their very first day. Every single person in the gym knows what it’s like to start at the very beginning and how much time and dedication those form, strength, and cardio gains require. Whether you’re squatting an empty bar, walking on the treadmill, or figuring out a piece of equipment, know that your efforts mark a commitment to personal betterment – and that even the strongest person in the gym was once where you are now.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

“Gymtimidation” can scare new athletes away from free weights or high-tech equipment. But restricting your workout to familiar equipment or movements only does you a disservice in the long run. Remember, your gym membership is about your own fitness and wellbeing, so don’t limit yourself and your potential out of fear or discomfort. Invest in a gym “tour” to learn more about what’s on offer and what might work for you, and don’t be afraid to enlist a personal trainer. They can show you how to use each piece of equipment and how to perform different lifts or movements with good form – for optimal results.

4. Find A Type of Workout You Love

Different athletes are drawn to different types of workouts. Some love the slow-burn and precision of bodybuilding; some love group-based HIIT workouts; others prefer flexibility and balanced-based training like yoga and pilates. Others again can’t get enough of explosive movements like the Olympic lifts. Try a few different types of workout approaches to see what speaks to you and your goals – and don’t be afraid to mix things up with a variety of classes or sessions.

5. It’s Okay to Talk to People

Your fellow gym-goers might be focused on finishing a set or hitting that personal best, but that doesn’t mean you have to work out in a social vacuum. Make friends with the front desk staff, say hi to regulars, and ask if you can swap in between sets rather than waiting for someone to be done with a piece of equipment. You can also bring a buddy – or make one. Getting to know the regulars at your gym not only creates a sense of warmth and camaraderie, but it’s also good for accountability, encouraging you to stick to your workout schedule.

Start Out Strong at Optimum Human

At Optimum Human, our goal is to help every member perform at their peak. Our carefully curated selection of fitness equipment, classes, and recovery options, as well as our dedicated trainers and on-site staff, together provide an environment that’s welcoming while also empowering you to embrace your athletic potential. For more information on what we offer, or to arrange a tour, get in touch!