An Innovative Way to Track Sleep: Oura Ring Sleep Tracker

Oura Ring Sleep Tracker

Let’s face it: Many of us aren’t getting enough quality sleep. For some, it’s because they go to bed too late and wake up too early. Others may have some underlying health condition keeping them from sleeping well. But no matter the reason, it’s critical to get the right amount of restorative sleep.

Why Is Sleep Important?

Sleep is the body’s time to recharge and repair organs, muscles, and other cells. It helps to strengthen your immune system and balance your autonomic nervous and hormone systems. Good sleep helps you feel more alert, fend off illnesses, think clearly, process memories, and generally have better health.

While we could all try to guess why we’re not getting enough proper sleep, there’s a better way: sleep trackers. There are a variety of ways to track your sleep, including wrist bands, watches, sleep mats, and even mattresses. But a newer sleep tracking technology on the market comes in a smaller package with the Oura Ring Sleep Tracker.

What Is the Oura Ring Sleep Tracker?

The Oura Ring is a powerful sleep tracker that gives you personalized sleep and health insights. Using advanced sensor technology, it gives you information not just about your sleep but also your heart rate, activity, illness, steps, calories, body temperature, and more—painting a complete picture of your health.

The app analyzes your metrics to create three scores:

  • Readiness: “How ready are you for the day?”
  • Sleep: “How well did you sleep last night?”
  • Activity: “How well are you balancing your activity and rest?”

For your readiness score, the ring monitors your daily habits and monitors your body’s signals to provide a measure of your recovery. Your sleep score will help you understand your sleep quality through insights about your sleep cycles and heart rate. Your activity score is determined by movement tracking and daily activity goals.

From there, your scores come together to give you a complete picture of how your lifestyle impacts your body.

What Are the Benefits of the Oura Ring Sleep Tracker?

Because each person has a unique version of “normal,” the Oura Ring gets to know your individual baselines to offer a tailored, 360-degree view of your health. For example, instead of basing its guidance on a generic benchmark like 10,000 steps, it takes your habits and patterns into account.

Thanks to this highly individualized analysis, you can:

  • Adjust your sleep habits to work better for you
  • Find a better balance between activity and recovery
  • Receive post-workout insights
  • Monitor illnesses
  • Track your menstrual cycle
  • Learn how your choices affect your overall health
  • Know when to slow down and rest or kick up your activity

The Oura Ring provides a great way to gain important, actionable insights into your health—all in a low-profile device that’s easy to wear around the clock.

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