How Workplace Amenities and Wellness Programs Benefit Employees


High-performing workforces are demanding more from their workplaces. Increasingly, a competitive package includes perks that go beyond a salary and bonuses. Today’s employees expect organizations to deliver a flexible working environment appointed with hospitality-inspired amenities along with a holistic wellness program that caters to whole-body wellbeing. With 41% of millennials, the current generational workforce majority, stating that work-life balance is a major career concern, a wellness offer is a critical feature for companies looking to stand apart from their competitors. 

Organizations are listening, with many of the world’s most prestigious companies instituting high-quality, integrated wellness programs. Accenture, IBM, Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are just a few of the top-tier organizations who have made wellness amenities part of their daily working environment. Overall, it’s estimated that up to 92% of employers currently offer a wellness program.

The Proven Track Record of Integrated Wellness

Wellness isn’t just a nice-to-have. Considered wellness programs are correlated with reduced sickness, reduced turnover, improved teamwork and improved productivity. Some organizations also receive insurance discounts and credits as a result of their wellness program efforts. As a result, the ROI of wellness programs is roughly 3.3:1 on healthcare costs, and 2.7:1 on absentee and related costs.

So what does wellness look like in the real world? 

Perhaps the best-known example of integrated employee wellness is the Google Campus. Informed by data, Google’s wellness program is designed to cater to the specific needs of its workforce. Among the perks that it offers are on-site, organic, chef-prepared meals; nap pods; gyms and swimming pools; massages; on-site physicians; and access to Google transit. From long lunch tables to new employee greetings, each perk or amenity has been carefully tailored to optimize productivity, creativity and retention. It’s little wonder that Google ranks among the world’s top places to work.

Equally prominent in the employee wellness sphere is Apple. Employees at its $5bn campus receive a gamut of perks that include in-house healthcare, a world-class fitness center, flexible desks, free meals and access to an expanse of on-site green spaces and trails. In addition to promoting overall wellbeing, these perks help the company retain staff in a highly competitive field.

Amazon is another high-performer leveraging wellness to promote productivity and retention in an industry notorious for its high turnover rates. Employees can bring their dogs to work, work amongst jungle-like terrariums, and take advantage of on-site gyms or gym membership programs. With HQ2 soon to be rolled out, more perks are sure to follow. 

Optimum Coworking is Built for Wellness

With a wellness and amenity program at our core, Optimum Coworking represents the next generation of workspace – and one that solopreneurs, startups and forward-looking organizations can all take advantage of. Every on-site service has been carefully curated to help maximize employee productivity, retention, engagement and creativity. The result is both good for morale and good for your bottom line. 

Inspired by leaders in the hospitality industry and taking its cues from the latest in wholistic wellness, Optimum custom-built to elevate performance across every domain. For more information about our carefully selected amenity offers, please contact us.