Tips for Working at Optimum Productivity


It’s every professional’s dream to work at peak productivity. Everything in our carefully curated, highly amenitized building has been thoughtfully selected to help high-achievers move seamlessly through their day with maximum results and minimum interruption.

Below are some tips for ensuring productivity that’s unrivaled in every way.

Allow for Downtime

While we’d all love to be able to work at 100% every minute of the day, humans aren’t designed to do so. Our own individually created circadian rhythms influence when is the optimum time for distinct activities each day. Being aware of this means that you can prioritize your time accordingly, while also making the most of your downtime. For best results, “chunk” your time into short, uninterrupted blocks with scheduled breaks between them. You can use these breaks to go for a walk, work out or engage in social or creative pursuits. You’ll return to your work refreshed and ready to get back to it. 

Prioritize Your Tasks

On any given day we find ourselves inundated with tasks large and small, and all of them demanding our immediate attention. Before starting work for the day prioritize your tasks according to what truly has to be done, leaving those “nice-to-have” tasks for another time. Eisenhower’s Productivity Matrix can help determine what to focus on first, last, or not at all.   Make sure to leave time to work on those tasks which are not urgent and are important to your long term success. The time you invest today will save you time and move you closer to your goals for the future. Create a to-do list and diligently work through it. This will lend a sense of accomplishment while also keeping you focused on what needs to get done.  

Cut out Distractions

In a world of constant connectivity, it’s easy to become distracted. Emails, text messages and phone calls have a habit of pulling us off-task, taking up surprisingly large amounts of our time as a result. Consider muting your notifications, checking your email only twice a day, and forwarding your calls to a service such as Optimum’s telephone answering service. With fewer distractions and demands on your time during key productivity windows, you’ll find that your long term success will skyrocket and your ability to deal with stressors will grow. 

Focus on Your Wellbeing and create healthy habits

Taking care of yourself is vital if you want to ensure maximum results. Regular exercise is invaluable when it comes to keeping your mind, body and spirit in great shape. Schedule a walk or a workout into your working day, and you’ll find it easier to get through both your day and your to-do list. Similarly, be mindful of both your fluid intake and your snacking regimen. Aim to drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day and look for snacks that are high in protein and fiber. These will keep you feeling satisfied and will help you avoid the sugar “crash” associated with convenience foods.

Find a Place Where Productivity Matters

Optimum Coworking is designed for those who seek to get more out of their days. With a wide-ranging variety of workspaces, productivity-oriented services and wellness options, we’ve created an environment where individuals like you can work at optimum efficiency. We believe that place matters as much as people, and we’ve built a flexible, highly amenitized workspace to suit. Your success is the inevitable outcome of choosing Optimum for your working environment. At the Optimum Building, productivity happens by design.