How to Restore Your Energy with the
BioCharger NG


It takes a lot of effort to achieve health, wellness, and performance goals. You have to eat right, exercise regularly, sleep well, train hard, cut down on unhealthy habits, and so on. But one thing we may not think to do is recharge.

Usually, recharging means getting ample rest, but it can also mean taking it up a notch and absorbing energy with a BioCharger NG.

What Is the BioCharger NG?

The BioCharger NG is a standalone, non-invasive device that restores the natural electrical frequency of cells in the body by transmitting multiple forms of energy—helping to improve health, wellness, and athletic performance.

How Does the BioCharger NG Work?

Our cells have a tiny electrical current running through them. When this energy becomes unbalanced, it can indicate cell dysfunction, which can mean suboptimal physical, mental, or emotional performance, as well as a slower recovery from injury.

The BioCharger NG helps recharge your cells by harnessing four types of energy: Light, Voltage, Frequencies & Harmonics, and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs). When you sit in front of the device, your cells absorb those energies and increase their voltage.

How Do I Use the BioCharger NG?

All you have to do is sit 1-3 feet in front of the system and relax. Sessions can last anywhere from five to 15 minutes. You can also share the experience with up to five other people at a time.

You will choose from hundreds of frequency “recipes” to target what you’d like to improve during that session, such as energy levels, mental focus, better sleep, and accelerated recovery times. It’s recommended that you use the device first thing in the morning or just before the activity for which you want to have optimal performance. It’s also helpful to focus on your goals and intent as you enjoy your session.

What Are the Benefits of the BioCharger NG?

This system boasts an improvement in six areas of your health and wellness:

  • Energy: Perform at peak levels with increased energy
  • Recovery: Bounce back from workouts, stress, and injuries faster
  • Performance: Accelerate your hard work and recovery
  • Focus: Work more efficiently when your body and mind are aligned
  • Sleep: Face the day and go to bed thanks to healing energy waves
  • Flexibility: Improve mobility and reduce stiffness with speedy muscle recovery

The BioCharger NG can also be used to help chronic health issues and ailments by improving pain, mood, fatigue, stress, and high blood pressure. It has also been leveraged as part of Lyme disease treatment and to complement cancer therapy.

Where Can I Use the BioCharger NG?

If purchasing one for yourself isn’t feasible, you can use the BioCharger NG as part of our Optimum Human membership. Contact us to learn more about how you can use this system in tandem with our suite of wellness and performance tools.