How Small Companies Benefit from Coworking Spaces


Entrepreneurs and startups have long turned to coworking for their office space needs. Coworking gives them the flexibility they need without the expense of a multi-year lease.

But arrangements like coworking, team rooms, private offices, and virtual offices aren’t only for companies just getting started anymore. They can also be an ideal solution for any small or midsize business. Read on to discover the many benefits of shared office spaces.

Cost Savings and Easy Scalability

Rather than committing to a pricey three-to-five-year lease, companies can find a much more affordable solution with a coworking space. Having a short-term or month-to-month lease allows businesses to increase (or decrease) in size easily without the risk of having to break an expensive lease. And of course, the money they save on rent and overhead costs allows the company to focus on growth and success.

Helpful Amenities and Services

A huge perk of using a shared, fully equipped office space is having access to a number of cost-saving amenities and services. In addition to utilities like the internet, businesses can take advantage of office supplies, printers, and even fitness centers. Many coworking and virtual office spaces also offer services like mail, phone lines (and converting voicemails to email), and even a live receptionist.

Increased Productivity

Having an actual office can be a game-changer for employees used to working from home or a coffee shop. It gives them the space needed to focus and dedicate time to work without distractions (some spaces are accessible 24/7). In addition, they can more easily collaborate with colleagues, saving time and boosting efficiency. 

Prime Location

Having an office in a convenient place is great not just for employees but also for when potential customers and clients visit. Coworking spaces allow businesses to be in a highly desirable part of town without a big hit to their budget.

Powerful Networking

Shared office spaces are filled with driven professionals who may very well turn into collaborators or clients. The coworking environment makes it easy to make new connections, leading to new ideas and new partnerships.

Improved Work/Life Balance

Working from home can often blur the lines between our professional and personal lives. But if you gain a dedicated workspace, it can become easier to completely disconnect when you step out of the office.

Strengthened Team Spirit

Having all employees under one roof can help create a more team-oriented mentality. As relationships deepen between coworkers, a collaborative and healthy office culture can develop, ultimately leading to a happier, more productive workforce.

Easy Access to Talent

With a beautiful office in a great location, businesses have an easier time attracting new employees. In addition, it provides a convenient place for freelancers to sit and collaborate with the team.

If you’re interested in coworking, virtual offices, team rooms, or private offices in Albuquerque, get in touch and see how we can meet your needs.