Why You Should Move to a Virtual Office

virtual office

As we work from home to help flatten the curve, many of us are finding that there’s more to remote working than simply setting up a laptop in our home offices. Today’s highly amenitized workplaces are packed with infrastructure, technology, and services that we don’t necessarily notice until we no longer have access to them on a day-to-day basis.

If you’re unable to replicate your workplace environment at home, a virtual office service may just be the solution.

A Virtual Office Simplifies Work-From-Home Life

A virtual office leverages the convenience of the cloud so that contractors or businesses can work remotely. Virtual office services typically include reception-based services such as telephone answering, mail opening and scanning, and appointment management.

Most virtual offices also include a business postal address, allowing you to develop a presence within what is usually a highly sought-after area – all without ever even having to step foot inside. Telephone calls and numbers can also be rerouted so that they appear to be coming from a local number. 

Depending on the provider, you may also be able to take advantage of access to critical software, cloud storage, and tech support. Another option is virtual staffing, where the virtual office provides you with remote staff to help with tasks or projects; on-demand meeting room or equipment hire is also a possibility. 

Virtual Offices Are Critical During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Tapping into a virtual office service while sheltering at home will simplify life, boost your productivity, and help prevent community spread.

Here’s how:

  • Less admin. Most of us are dealing with complicated living and working situations, and our productive time needs to be protected. Having a virtual assistant help with “busy work” frees us up to focus on critical tasks.
  • More professionalism. Rather than attempting to take calls while juggling family commitments, gave a VA answer your calls and take messages for you. Then call back at a time that suits.
  • More privacy. Having letters and parcels shipped to a virtual office avoids having to give your home address to colleagues, clients, or customers. Meanwhile, having calls forwarded through a virtual telephone number means that you can keep your work and personal phone numbers separate.
  • Less hassle. Organizing new phone lines and package forwarding is time-consuming and expensive. Virtual office providers have the systems in place to get you set up and running almost instantaneously – and can scale costs more efficiently.
  • Less risk. Perhaps most crucially, when you use a virtual office service, you have fewer reasons to leave the house. This reduces the likelihood of coming in contact with the coronavirus, minimizing risk to you, your family, and your local community. 

Shifting to a virtual office solution during the coronavirus lockdown is effective, affordable, and responsible. You’ll be able to optimize your productivity, seamlessly manage the demands of running a business, and avoid making unnecessary trips out in public. All of these are good for business – and good for your overall wellbeing.

For more information about Optimum Coworking’s virtual office solutions, please get in touch. We’re more than happy to discuss how we can help your Albuquerque-based business thrive during these difficult times.