Virtual Office Plans and How They Can Enhance Your Business


If you’re a non-traditionalist, you’ll love the idea of a virtual office plan. Sure, having a physical office has its benefits, but with a virtual office, you can still reap many of those same benefits, sans the limits of pesky geography. That means you can run your startup or business from (ahem) virtually anywhere, without sacrificing any sense of prestige or legitimacy with your clients and customers.

What is a Virtual Office?

Essentially, it’s a suite of services that offers benefits like a physical mailing address, a business phone number with a pro answering service, and even video conferencing amenities. These services will cost less than what you would pay for them while running a more traditional office, which makes it an attractive option for businesses just getting started, or freelancers that like living that digital nomad life. So what’s so great about a virtual office?

Your Get Your Own Biz Address

Can you say location, location, location? One of the biggest draws of a virtual office is that you can have all the perks of a prestigious mailing address, without actually having to rent an office there. This gives your business a little more street cred with your clients, without the hefty lease payment for you. You can also have your mail and packages sent to that address and forwarded to you.

Your Get Your Own Biz Phone Service

What’s better than having a trained, seasoned pro answer your phone calls like a boss? Well, except you’re the boss… but we digress. Virtual phone services offer you your own business phone number, with someone to answer it that can either direct the call to your business voicemail or to a team member.

Your Get Your Own Biz Video Conferencing Service

Sometimes, clients need face time with you. That’s made simpler than ever by video conferencing. You can do one-on-one meetings, or host a crowd so that your business can continue to run smoothly no matter where in the world, you end up laying your head for the night.

Some virtual office services offer other features as well, such virtual admin services, free notary services, and IT support to help you get set up quickly and painlessly.

Why Go with a Virtual Office?

Well, if you love to travel and hate being tied down to a brick and mortar office, a virtual office can be a great compromise. It’s cost-efficient, extremely flexible, and doesn’t require a big commitment from you. Some virtual offices offer month-to-month lease options or simply charge a basic monthly membership fee.

Plus, having a real address and a professional answering calls gives businesses a sense of prestige that helps foster success. It inspires confidence in your customers and clients. One of the first things new potential clients typically do is look up a business online. They want to see a reputable business address, an actual phone number, and a legitimate website. If any of those things are missing, they might pass and move on to another provider that inspires more confidence.

Though a virtual office isn’t for everyone, it is a fast-growing trend that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. If you love the flexibility and capability of doing business when and where you want, virtual office services deserve serious consideration. You can take your office with you pretty much anywhere, with no one client-side the wiser. That friends, is sweet, sweet freedom!