Tips on Mindful Eating While Working from Home

mindful eating

The new normal has us all working from home, adjusting to a very different routine. It also has us in much closer proximity to our kitchens and refrigerators– and food can be a remote workers’ weakness. Staying healthy and mindful of nutrition can get increasingly tough when you feel comfortable and close to all of your favorite snacks. Below, we’ve listed our top tips to keep you productive, energetic, and reduce the number of times you wander in the kitchen!

Begin with a Strategic Set-Up

Your make-shift home office needs a spot with the kitchen out of sight. Make a decision that you will only go into the kitchen for your planned meal and snack times. There’s no other acceptable reasons. Make a sign if you’re having trouble sticking to it. 

Stick with the Plan

Each day you plan when you wake up, your workout, your meetings, so why not plan out your meal and snack times? This can help add structure and routine back into your life and add pressure on you to make sure you’re taking breaks. It also prevents you from grazing and losing track of time. When you take your break, eat away from your desk. Taste every bite and fully enjoy your food. We promise you’ll return to your desk fuelled and ready for what’s next. 

Prep with Purpose

Browse pinterest, follow healthy foodie accounts— there’s so many digital ways to get amazing recipes, plus we finally have more time to cook. A few foods that increase productivity, include salmon, nuts, bananas, and dark chocolate. Bonus, you may be even more excited to take your break to try your new creations.

Eat with your Mind

Even with planned eating times, prepped snacks, and meals, it’s still good to check in with yourself. Are you eating because you’re hungry? Are you bored? Stressed? Lonely? Annoyed? Procrastinating? Sometimes we eat our feelings, and a simple tool to use is to just ask yourself why you’re eating. Especially now, we need to feel those feelings out. If you find it’s not hunger, opt for a glass of water. 


Hydration can prevent headaches and fatigue. It’s another amazing hack to energy and productivity. Remember to fill up your water bottle just like you would at work and keep it close by. 64 ounces a day is a great goal to try and achieve. Stay away from sugar and carbonated drinks, if you’re addicted, allow yourself one day of the week to cheat!

Let’s Talk Coffee

The one thing we haven’t mentioned– caffeine! Access to unlimited coffee sounds like a dream but too much can cause anxiety, digestive issues and even make you tired. Limit yourself to two cups a day and avoid the jitters. The best times for drinking coffee are between 9am and 11am, to decrease any disruptions to your sleep. Be aware of flavored creams and other add-ins, these can add up over the week!

We know the shift to working from home can cause disruptions in workflow, but mindfulness can keep you right on track. Keep up with healthy eating, take a break, enjoy your food, and get creative with new recipes! We’ve written a blog on maintaining your mental health at home, give it a read, as the two go hand in hand. 

Stay healthy & hopeful!