The Shared & Flexible Office Trend in 2019


There’s no denying that coworking has become the new norm. It’s not just the 57.3 million US freelancers who are turning to shared offices as an alternative to working from home or a cafe. Increasingly subject matter experts and even enterprise-scale businesses are looking to coworking as a way to expand their offerings, energize their staff, and connect with other like-minded organizations.

Let’s explore why shared offices are a major trend of 2019.

Flexible, Amenitized Working

Coworking appeals to modern organizations who want to be able to move quickly if needed. Unlike traditional office space, shared offices allow companies to easily adapt to changing workforce sizes without having to break a lease or look for additional space. Being able to scale to meet market needs and project demands allows companies to be more competitive in our highly dynamic and quickly changing environment. 

Additionally, the shared nature of their amenities means that tenants can access a variety of high-quality offerings at a far lower cost than would otherwise be expected. Today’s coworking spaces incorporate exceptional connectivity, a variety of meeting room options, upscale kitchen offerings and (in the case of Optimum), a suite of biohacking, wellness and spa-like amenities to facilitate a balance of mind, body, and spirit. This enriched environment ensures maximum engagement which is very appealing to our 21st-century workforce.

A Curated Community 

Another major draw of coworking is the opportunity to work alongside a likeminded selection of individuals and companies. Most coworking spaces aren’t simply a place to set up a laptop or meet clients: they’re communities with complementary skill sets, networks and interests. Joining a coworking space gives today’s organizations access to the thought leaders, entrepreneurs and forward-looking individuals who are making their mark in every vertical. They’re truly a hotbed for exceptional ideas. 

More Than Just Startups

In recent years we’ve seen a shift in the clientele inhabiting coworking spaces. While early entrants in this category largely targeted freelancers, new businesses and scrappy startups, today’s shared offices are increasingly sought after by established organizations and enterprise-level tenants. The flexibility of coworking allows companies to leverage the unique opportunities of a shared office space in whichever way suits them, whether it’s positioning a project team or department in a coworking environment, collaborating with another organization in a shared space, or simply offering individuals access to the opportunities of coworking on an as-needed basis.

With shared office spaces in increasingly high demand – and subject to increasingly high expectations – we anticipate that the remainder of 2019 and 2020 will bring a further shift towards high-end, highly curated experiences designed to meet the wide-ranging needs of today’s high-level professionals and the companies they represent.