The Perks of Escaping to a Private Office

private office

While private office rentals aren’t a new concept, they’re certainly becoming a popular option as the Covid-19 pandemic continues. What is a private office? It’s an enclosed, move-in ready, lockable office that’s equipped with office furniture. Let’s explore the many perks of renting a private office.

Free from Distractions

While working from your couch in your sweatpants is a pretty sweet deal, it doesn’t come without its distractions. From spouses and kids to TV and chores, it can be difficult to concentrate after a while. Similarly, working in a regular office or coworking space comes with its own distractions like chatty coworkers and kitchen gatherings. But a private office? That can be your own personal oasis—a place for productivity, efficiency, and peace.

A Safer Option

While your house might be the safest place to work pandemic-wise, a private office is a close second. Unless you’re renting a larger private office for you and a business partner, you’ll be the only one who goes into that space—reducing the likelihood that you’ll be exposed to the virus by going to work. You can sanitize as you please and not have to worry every time someone sneezes.

Quiet and Private

With so many people communicating via calls and video conferences, it’s more important than ever to have a quiet place to conduct business. And as funny as it is to be interrupted by your two-year-old or needy cat during a major presentation, it can get old real fast. The same goes for cubicles or coworking spaces—you just can’t always get the privacy you need. A private office is a nice way to ensure your calls and video chats remain calm and focused.

Properly Furnished

Even for the youngest and healthiest among us, sitting at the kitchen table and working for eight hours a day will likely start to take its toll. Not everyone has the means or room to have a proper office setup at home, and having improper posture all day, every day, can quickly lead to neck and back pain. A private office comes already furnished with a desk and office chair, which your body will thank you for later (or even immediately). And another bonus? No more post-its and notebooks strewn around the house—now you’ll actually have a proper place for your work accessories.

Equipped with Essentials

A private office offers some key infrastructure that you might not have at home. Sure, you have internet, but how fast is your WiFi when the whole family is home and using it as well? In addition to high-speed WiFi, private offices can also provide printers, scanners, a phone, and voicemail.

If you’re looking to explore private office rental options, get in touch, and we can discuss how to meet your needs.