The Morning Routines of Successful People


The secret to a productive morning is both art and science. There’s no real magic involved, it just requires intentionality and paying attention to what works best for YOU, so that you can tweak your routine for optimum success. While something might work for Linda, it doesn’t mean it will also work for Bob.

That’s the beauty of humanity, we are all so very different, yet so very alike. Different in our habits and how we conduct our day, but alike in that no matter who you are, establishing a great morning routine can set you up for a stellar day. So, keep reading for our best tips on rocking those fleeting hours before noon arrives.

Don’t Be Militant on Your Wake Up Call

Though many might say rising early is always better than sleeping in for productivity and success, there are plenty of people in the world that prove this rule of thumb wrong on the daily. The truth is you have to do what works for you. The best option always is to pay attention and get in touch with your own body clock, so that you are waking when your body is rested, sleeping when you need sleep, and functioning optimally all through the day.

Engage in a Quiet Time

This can look different for everyone. Some people like to engage in spiritual practice, like Bible study, reading a book you’ve been wanting to read, or meditation. Others like to do something like journal, draw, paint, or just do some gentle stretching while listening to tunes. There’s no wrong way to do it, but the point is to have some quiet time in the morning to clear your mind and prepare it for the challenges of the day.

Minimize Your Morning Decisions

Our decision-making abilities are finite and come with limits. Try planning your morning out the evening before to help minimize the number of decisions you have to make, so you can focus your abilities on making the decisions most critical for your success and productivity for the day.

For instance, choose your clothing the night before or wear the same “uniform” each day so that no decision on what to wear is required. Select your meals for the next day or prepare them ahead of time so you just have to warm it up. The more you can just get up and roll into your routine without thinking too hard on what’s next, the more you free up your mind to make creative and challenging decisions that will move you toward success. 

Schedule (Literally) Everything

Yes, even your meals and downtime and workouts. The truth is, if you don’t schedule something and then stick to it, it’s easy to let your priorities slide and skip something that is actually important to you while giving your attention to something that really isn’t. It’s a great idea to write down your top three tasks you want to achieve for the day and block them into your calendar.

Then schedule other things around them, such as your workouts or walk breaks. It’s also a great idea to give yourself a clear stopping point for the day, especially if you happen to be working from home. That way, there is no scope creep between work and downtime with family or friends.

Eat and Drink Healthy Stuff

Sounds kind of basic, but you wouldn’t believe how much eating well, and staying hydrated helps you be productive and successful. Not only does your brain have more clarity and focus, but your body doesn’t feel heavy or sluggish or sleepy when you’re giving it what it needs to function well. Carbs (especially the empty kind) and sugar tend to be real zappers of energy, focus, and good health.

Limit them as much as humanely possible and focus on eating whole foods, like meats and veggies, with the occasional fruit if you get a sweet tooth. Also, don’t be afraid to increase your intake of good fats, like real butter (when cooking), and coconut oil and olive oil (as dressings and dips). Not only does healthy fat intake help regulate your hormones, but it also helps fuel your brain.

Remember, there’s no magic formula for creating a successful morning routine. It just requires being mindful of your current habits and honestly evaluating what’s working and what isn’t. Discard the habits that are hindering your growth and embrace the habits that move the needle toward success.

It’s just as simple—and as challenging—as that!