How to Foster Productivity in Your Employees


Productivity is the product of three intersecting dimensions: time, talent and energy. To work to their optimum potential, employees need to have enough time to achieve their goals, the ability – whether inherent or trained – to realize them, and the drive to make them happen. 

Each of these dimensions can be fostered internally and externally. At Optimum, we seek to create conditions conducive to all three dimensions by providing a highly amenitized environment carefully curated to streamline the workday, promote professional development and help individuals stay fresh and engaged. 

Our space is inherently designed to allow you to get whatever you need, whenever you need to be your best self. Rather than just an additive concept of bringing more options to the table, we have created a synergistic recipe that facilitates the creation of balance in the mind, body and spirit– so you can reach your full potential. There is still more you can do as a leader in your organization to further your team’s productivity.  

Implementing Productivity from the Top Down

Productivity isn’t just about the individual. It’s something that can, and should, be fostered at the organizational level. By implementing the right procedures, policies and culture, you can guide your employees towards high-performing results.

Begin by reducing organizational drag. Also known as “red tape,” drag refers to time-wasting processes that make it difficult to get things done – and which the Harvard Business Review claims account for some $3 trillion a year in lost output. Implementing efficient, organized businesses processes will pave the way towards employee productivity.

Second, clarify your business goals and priorities. It’s easier to work towards a single defined goal than a series of abstract ones, and clearly stating this goal helps achieve buy-in at all levels. To maximize your results, ensure that employees are given permission to offer suggestions, take initiative and make decisions. This will empower them to work more productively and will also engender trust in the organization.

Third, leverage your leadership. This can be done in several ways. Try grouping your top performers together to create an all-star team. This will maximize their collective strengths while also setting the bar for your other employees. Then implement initiatives, programs and events designed to inspire and engage your staff. Engaged employees are 44% more productive than satisfied workers, making the investment well worth it. Finally, focus on the collective rather than the individual. You’ll find that a team can do more to further your company mission than a series of individuals can.

A Place for Productivity

If your company is looking to foster productivity at an organizational scale, make place part of your overall strategy. Your workspace sets the tone for your company culture, so seek out an environment that’s been strategically crafted to optimize productivity. Gone are the days of undifferentiated cubicle farms. Today’s best workplaces offer flexibility, versatility and balance, allowing employees to work in the ways that best suit them. These environments help foster trust, belonging, creativity and wellbeing, improving outcomes and providing a positive place where employees can come together to create what’s next. 

At Optimum, work, wellness and networking all intersect by design, making it an unrivaled option for surpassing your key performance indicators and maximizing your return on investment.