How to Create a Positive Work Culture


According to the Bureau of Labor, the average American spends 44 hours a week at work. Add in commute times and those out-of-hours calls, catch-ups, and one-off emails, and a significant chunk of our week is spent either in the office or doing office-adjacent tasks. Unfortunately, research shows that more than half of Americans are unhappy with their jobs; something has a significant impact on their overall quality of life. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Companies that create a positive work culture can turn things around for their employees, with results that positively impact not just employees’ wellbeing, but the company’s overall bottom line as well. 

The Value of a Positive Work Environment

Negative work environments are associated with lower productivity, higher levels of absenteeism, higher staff turnover, and lower ROI. However, the opposite is true for positive work environments. Workplaces that strive to meet the multi-faceted needs of every employee foster belonging, collaboration, creativity – and happiness. When employees feel valued and listened to, and when their social, emotional, career, and wellbeing needs are met, they’re empowered to work at their highest possible level of performance. 

Additionally, companies that foster positive work environments will see the results in more than their teams’ KPIs. Studies show that positive workplaces spend 50% less on healthcare expenditures than high-stress organizations. This is because high-stress environments are associated with higher rates of accidents, doctor’s visits, and chronic health conditions. In contrast, companies that work to promote a positive work culture are rewarded with healthier, happier, higher-performing staff – and lower insurance bills. 

Creating a Positive Work Culture

Building a positive work environment is both a top-down and bottom-up effort. It involves leadership taking up the cause, while also allowing the needs of workers to infuse the approach of the organization as a whole. 

Here are just a few ways your company can foster a more positive workplace environment:

  • Value diverse voices. Empower workers from all backgrounds to chime in, have a say, and guide the company direction. Your organization will be all the stronger for it.
  • Encourage open communication. An exit interview shouldn’t be the first time you hear someone’s feedback or suggestions. Make it easy for employees to share their thoughts – and be heard.
  • Give positive feedback. Getting a paycheck shouldn’t be the only marker of a job well done. Make it a point to let employees know what they’re getting right, and how.
  • Celebrate the wins. Wins bring employees together, so celebrate them – big or small.
  • Foster creativity. Provide spaces, initiatives or projects that encourage employees to use right-brain thinking. They’ll appreciate the chance to use their creative muscles. 
  • Get moving. Movement is good for the body and good for the brain. Encourage a daily steps program, get workers to sign up for casual team sports, and reward active behavior.
  • Offer flexible working. The days of the rigid 9-5 are over. Give employees flexibility around their hours so that they can work around family or other obligations. 
  • Redesign your workspace. Skip the cubicles and fluorescent lighting, and craft a flexible workplace that’s warm, inviting, and meets multiple needs.

Leading the Way in Positive Workplace Cultures

At Optimum Coworking, we understand the connection between a positive workplace and a positive workplace culture – and we know that it’s in the union of the two is where business success lies. Our flexible, upscale and highly amenitized coworking spaces are crafted with the whole worker in mind, ensuring that your employees have everything they need to work, and live, well. For more information about working with us, or to arrange a tour, please get in touch.