How the Optimum Phone Service Can Turn Callers into Clients


In today’s highly automated world, personalized service can truly be a point of differentiation for your business. Computer-mediated communication such as contact forms, chatbots and telephone menus may be convenient and straightforward, but they lack the personal touch of a conversation with a real human. There’s a reason that just 24% of sales emails are opened, yet 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone. 

Optimum understands the value of having a person on the other end of the line. It’s warm, personal and positions your brand among those willing to go the extra mile for their clients or customers.  Knowing that you spend the time and money to personally ensure your team answers the phone for your clients, builds rapport and reinforces their belief that you will be available when they need you.  For this reason, we offer the amenity of an on-site telephone answering service complete with call answering, forwarding, screening and message taking.

Accessibility is Key to Business Success

One of the goals of any business is to drive inbound calls. Every call that comes in is an opportunity to take someone’s details, ascertain what they need and direct them towards fulfilling that goal. Whether the caller’s need is to understand your products and services, or to seek help or advice, providing direct access to a trained and knowledgeable individual via a staffed telephone line will set your business apart and give you a competitive advantage.

If your company thrives on data and metrics, consider setting up multiple phone numbers, each used for a specific purpose. Platforms like Google My business can be used to track incoming call statistics, letting you see which of your services are in demand. 

Missed Calls are Missed Opportunities

With 74% of consumers noting that they would be very likely to choose another business after a poor phone experience, the value of having a dedicated phone answering service is clear.

If you regularly find yourself in meetings and unable to take calls, or if you’d prefer to delegate incoming calls to a professional with a highly trained phone manner, then a telephone answering service is a more than a convenience. It’s a smart business decision. Not only that but for smaller businesses, and businesses with unpredictable demand, it’s a far more financially savvy choice than hiring a full-time receptionist. 

How to Encourage More Calls

With access to a dedicated telephone answering service, you’ll be ideally positioned to adjust your inbound sales campaign to drive more calls. There are myriad ways you can achieve this. These include updating your online call to actions to encourage people to call rather than email, auto-arranging phone calls with new customers or clients and driving phone traffic via Google My Business or a Google ad campaign.

Leveraging Optimum’s dedicated phone answering service also affords another benefit: you know that your customers and clients are receiving on-brand yet organic responses to their calls. Our staff can tailor each call to meet the caller’s needs while remaining on script and keep with your brand messaging.

By combining accessibility, professionalism and personalization, our telephone answering services are primed to help transition callers into loyal clients. It’s your opportunity to grow your business while minimizing time spent on the phone.