How Employee and Executive Goals Intersect Through Wellness

Employee Wellness

Too often, business objectives and employee work-life balance are seen as being at odds with each other. Executives want to grow their company’s bottom line, which usually involves squeezing as much productivity as possible from their workers while keeping costs down. Employees want to advance their careers, but typically not at the expense of their wellbeing. In reality, these goals shouldn’t be an either/or proposition. A healthy, positive working environment can help both executives and employees achieve their goals.

Work is More Than a Job

Today’s employees have high expectations for their careers and their workplaces. It’s not merely about exchanging the hours between 9 and 5 for a paycheck. Instead, they want to participate in an environment that aligns with their values and perspectives. One that provides opportunities for personal and professional development, and where their time, their work and their skills are valued.

Where You Work Matters

While traditional salary and benefits packages remain critical indicators of employee value, employees see their working environment itself as part of their compensation. Workplaces that foreground wellbeing with employee-focused amenities such as on-site dining, fitness centers, and wellness-focused programs are a powerful motivator for employees who feel appreciated not only as workers but as individuals.

Wellbeing Drives Achievement

Employees whose needs are met across a variety of dimensions are more likely to be engaged. Engagement is correlated with higher productivity, better performance, greater adaptability, and reduced absenteeism and turnover, aligning with executives’ goals of driving higher productivity. Importantly, these productivity goals can be easily achieved without the exorbitant costs associated with new hires, incentive packages, and overtime fees.

Wellness is Readily Achieved

Simple environmental changes such as flexible seating options, natural lighting, and greenery can help boost employee wellness. So too can access to on-site offers such as meditation rooms, fitness facilities, and thoughtfully designed break areas. A workplace that offers these types of amenities immediately indicates to employees that their needs and interests are valued and that their contribution is considered beyond their KPIs.

Their Goals Are Your Goals

Executives’ desire to get more from their employees doesn’t have to play out negatively. By providing an environment that promotes work-life balance and overall wellbeing, executives can inspire and motivate their employees, organically driving higher productivity, and improved outcomes. On the flip side, employees can continue to work hard and advance their careers – without sacrificing their lives outside work.

Optimum Coworking understands that wellbeing and performance go hand-in-hand. Our state-of-the-art workplace has been purposefully appointed to deliver a working environment that caters to the whole self, fostering both belonging and productivity among executives and employees alike. For more information, or to arrange a tour, please contact us.