How Corporate Enterprises Are Using Coworking Spaces


Coworking spaces have long been viewed – and marketed – as a destination for freelancers, startups, and small companies. However, these are far from the only groups who use coworking spaces. The flexible nature of these environments means that they’re ideal for a quick drop-in, a day-long meeting, or a temporary office space. As a result, large corporations are increasingly taking advantage of what coworking spaces have to offer.

IBM, Microsoft, Verizon, Starbucks, and Bank of America are just some of the household names aligning themselves with coworking spaces. The reasons are myriad, but here are some of the main ones.

Proximity to Innovation

Many enterprise-level organizations use coworking spaces as a way to get close to and easily interact with innovative startups. This proximity allows for cross-pollination of ideas as well as access to innovations with valuable business cases.


Many large corporations offer a space in a coworking environment as an alternative to working in the company office. This gives staff some flexibility and choice over where they work and can also help reduce overhead for organizations headquartered in high-demand metro areas.

A Home for Remote Workers

Having a dedicated space endorsed by the organization gives remote workers a place to belong. This fosters workplace camaraderie and encourages employee retention.

Short-Term Projects

Coworking spaces are a popular choice for staff who are working on-site during special projects. They allow employees to use office space while traveling and also allow companies to establish a presence in other cities without the overhead of a full office.

Recruitment Opportunities

Having access to a coworking space gives organizations more opportunities to be able to recruit from diverse geographic locations, whether in other cities or more suburban areas. This allows companies to bypass tight labor markets and hire from beyond their backyard.

Transitional Space

Larger organizations looking to expand into a new market often use coworking spaces to bridge their expansion into a new city or market. These firms make a temporary headquarters in a coworking environment and focus on growth, leaving the minutiae of setting up an office to the coworking company.

Adapt Quickly

The flexibility and amenities of today’s coworking allow enterprise-scale organizations to move quickly and adapt to change in a way that maintains their professionalism while keeping costs low. Optimum Coworking is pleased to work with companies of all sizes as they launch, grow, and shift their focus. For more information about our thoughtfully curated, highly amenitized spaces, please contact us