Gear That’s Guaranteed to Make You More Productive 

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In today’s day and age, it’s hard to stay focused and get things done. Not only are you constantly getting messages and emails, but you are being targeted with ads and a seemingly never-ending stream of media begging to be read. So how can you combat this? How can you save time, increase efficiency, and be more productive? We’ve come to learn that there are products available that can make each of us more productive while simultaneously keeping our health in check. Sound too good to be true? We’ve shortlisted the best gear that is bound to boost your productivity level. It’s worth checking out.

Alarm Clock

We know you have your phone to wake you up, but if you want to wake up feeling more energized and refreshed– we recommend investing in a real alarm clock. This decreases the chance that you will wake up and immediately be immersed in your phone and increases the chances of you taking some time for yourself before diving into the day. The morning is a precious time that can help set you up for success. Spend the first thirty minutes to an hour meditating, making a cup of tea, or doing light exercise. This helps your brain acclimate and allows your body to effectively manage your stress levels, which increases (you guessed it) productivity!

Water Bottle

Hydration is a key aspect of tackling the day. Not to mention, dehydration can slow you down and have negative effects– so avoid that at all costs and pay close attention to the amount of water you are drinking! Having a water bottle makes this a lot easier. Remember to fill yours up before you sit down to start work; it can make a major difference. Refilling is also a great activity for breaking up the day and going for quick walks. Make a goal to finish at least two refills a day. Your overall health impacts your productivity.

Back Support

Practical and necessary– if you are sitting at a desk all day, make sure you are comfortable. There are all kinds of support products you can buy, and within an hour of researching online, you can have one delivered right to your door. Take inventory of your workspace and your posture. Would a gadget improve the space and your body? There are plenty of options for back support pillows and seat cushions.

Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are proven to reduce eye strain and improve sleep habits. Both of which directly impact productivity. Getting a pair can significantly impact you, especially if you spend all day looking at a screen. They also protect your eye health, which you will most definitely need in the long run.

Quality Headphones

Depending on your workspace, you may want noise-canceling headphones or maybe just a pair of headphones that you are comfortable in. Due to the increase in work from home, people tend to be on lots more video calls. This may mean it’s time for an upgrade on headphones if they are getting a lot more use. Headphones with quality sound can increase your attentiveness and make you more involved in the work or meeting you are listening in on. Drowning out background noise can make a difference in how much you get accomplished.

Flexible Desks

Tired of sitting all day? Stand! Just as a change in location can help boost your creativity, a change in body position can keep you more alert and active. Set goals and go back and forth, sitting and standing. It will help you beat that 3 pm slump. Browse online for tools on creating your own stand-up desk.

While productivity can be a matter of planning your day and being organized, there are a lot of other factors that contribute. Consider adding one or more of these productivity tools to your workday and see what kind of effect it has. You won’t regret it!