Everything You Need to Know About Laser Therapy

laser therapy

Laser therapy is a fast and effective option for treating pain and inflammation. If you have an acute or chronic condition, are recovering from surgery, or want to avoid traditional pain medications, laser therapy can be an invaluable solution. Laser surgery is used widely by physiotherapists to treat everyday patients to serious athletes.

A Drug-Free, Non-Invasive Pain Relief Option

Laser Therapy uses focused light in the infrared spectrum to penetrate the body to promote healing, relax muscles, reduce pain, and stimulate nerve regeneration. It works by prompting the body to induce its natural healing response. Targeted, drug-free, and non-invasive, It treats only the specific areas you need it to, and without the potential side effects or long recovery times of other treatment options. Additionally, Laser Therapy is FDA approved.

Laser Therapy uses Class 3 (low-level or cold) and Class 4 (high-level) lasers such as Aspen Laser’s high-intensity laser therapy, used at Optimum Human. The more powerful the laser, the better the results. For example, the Aspen Laser’s laser technology is 1,200 times more powerful than its cold laser counterparts, allowing it to penetrate deeper and achieve outstanding results.

Laser therapy is safe, painless, and feels like a warm massage.  Treatments usually take between 3-10 minutes, and patients are able to resume normal activities right away.

Manage or Prevent Pain and Inflammation

Laser Therapy is used to manage and prevent a variety of symptoms and ailments such as sports injuries, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, soft tissue damage, back and neck conditions, neuropathy, surgical recovery, herniations, and elbow and joint pain. It can be beneficial for people seeking:

  • Pain relief. Laser therapy targets the chemicals that elicit the pain response. It also helps the body release endorphins and enkephalins, reducing the sensation of pain.
  • Anti-inflammatory action. Laser therapy helps accelerate cell repair, widen arteries, and increase white blood cell production, producing an anti-inflammatory effect. This can be beneficial to people with tendonitis or bursitis.
  • Trigger point relief. Lasers are highly targeted, making them excellent for managing trigger points or acupuncture points, especially around the back and shoulders.
  • Scar tissue management. Lasers can help manage the scar tissue build-up from injuries such as tears, strains, or surgery.
  • Improved healing. Laser therapy helps widen arteries and promote capillary growth, accelerating healing and promoting wound repair.
  • Improved workout recovery. Laser therapy improves post-workout recovery times and reduces the likelihood of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Laser Therapy can be used on its own, as part of a physiotherapy or rehabilitation treatment, or as part of a workout recovery regimen. Patients and athletes usually begin to feel results after a couple of treatments, although additional treatments may be required for more challenging problems or as part of a preventive care plan.

Optimum Human, the state-of-the-art human performance center at Optimum offers a full suite of treatments and therapies, including high-intensity Laser Therapy by Aspen Laser. For more information about laser therapy treatment or to book a tour of our facility, get in touch!