Jeremy Warren

How Employee and Executive Goals Intersect Through Wellness

Dec 16, 2019
Employee Wellness

Too often, business objectives and employee work-life balance are seen as being at odds with each other. Executives want to grow their company’s bottom line, which usually involves squeezing as much productivity as possible from their workers while keeping costs down. Employees want to advance their careers, but typically not at the expense of their wellbeing. In reality, these goals shouldn’t be an either/or proposition. A healthy, positive working environment can help both executives and employees achieve their goals.

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Prevention vs. Cure: Employee Wellness

Nov 22, 2019

At first glance, employee and executive goals may seem divergent. Executives are focused on the bottom line, while employees are focused on their career outcomes. However, engaged employees drive increased company performance, with the opposite also being true. With wellness being critical to employee engagement, companies should commit to integrating it into their day-to-day operations from the beginning – rather than resorting to the familiar struggle of trying to deal with the fallout from employee burnout, stress, and disengagement.

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Employee Experience and Engagement– There’s a Difference

Nov 19, 2019

Every business leader strives to foster a working environment that engages employees. Engaged employees are 22% more productive, resulting in 21% more profitability for their companies. Companies with engaged employees also experience dramatic growth in revenue, stock price, and net income.

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Key Aspects to Consider When Shopping Coworking Spaces

Nov 14, 2019

The popularity of coworking has been on the rise for years now, as people realize the value of the spaces and the flexibility they offer. In fact, global coworking spaces are expected to surge to over 25,000 by the year 2020 (deskmag). But, coworking spaces are not a one size fits all solution. There are a variety of diverse spaces, each catering to different crowds.

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Tips for Working at Optimum Productivity

Oct 16, 2019

It’s every professional’s dream to work at peak productivity. Everything in our carefully curated, highly amenitized building has been thoughtfully selected to help high-achievers move seamlessly through their day with maximum results and minimum interruption.

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How to Foster Productivity in Your Employees

Sep 30, 2019

Productivity is the product of three intersecting dimensions: time, talent and energy. To work to their optimum potential, employees need to have enough time to achieve their goals, the ability – whether inherent or trained – to realize them, and the drive to make them happen.

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How the Optimum Phone Service Can Turn Callers into Clients

Sep 17, 2019

In today’s highly automated world, personalized service can truly be a point of differentiation for your business. Computer-mediated communication such as contact forms, chatbots and telephone menus may be convenient and straightforward, but they lack the personal touch of a conversation with a real human.

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The Shared & Flexible Office Trend in 2019

Sep 11, 2019

There’s no denying that coworking has become the new norm. It’s not just the 57.3 million US freelancers who are turning to shared offices as an alternative to working from home or a cafe. Increasingly SMEs and even enterprise-scale businesses are looking to coworking as a way to expand their offerings, energize their staff, and connect with other like-minded organizations.

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How Workplace Amenities and Wellness Programs Benefit Employees

Aug 13, 2019

High-performing workforces are demanding more from their workplaces. Increasingly, a competitive package includes perks that go beyond a salary and bonuses. Today’s employees expect organizations to deliver a flexible working environment appointed with hospitality-inspired amenities along with a holistic wellness program that caters to whole-body wellbeing.

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