Activities to Promote Wellness at Home


We live in a mad, mad world. With the Covid-19 pandemic, has come a new current reality for many around the globe. That reality is you and I have been stuck at home, all dressed up with nowhere to go. We’re like a sad country song. Or, perhaps you’re not dressed up. No judgment here. There’s a reason Zoom lets you turn off that camera!

Dressed up or not, this current reality means that we have to get a little creative to stay healthy (and sane) while confined to our homes. With that in mind, here are a few ideas to get you rolling.

Tackle That Reading List

For some, this extra time home is like a gift from heaven. It’s a great opportunity to get in some much-needed rest and relaxation. Try reading a good book to escape the cares of the world and unwind.

It could be the perfect moment for you to make some headway on that reading list that’s been piling up. And if you don’t like to read, why not try listening to an audiobook? Carve out a cozy corner in your house and settle in to laze away the day.

Find Your Inner Zen

Meditation is an excellent way to help you deal with the influx of stress and uncertainty you might be feeling. Not only does meditation calm the mind, but it also powers down your central nervous system so that your body can rest and recharge too.

Living in fight or flight mode is taxing on the body and can make you feel more tired than you should be. Sometimes meditation might even send you into a good old fashioned nap! There’s nothing that doesn’t look brighter after a good nap (and a snack).

Tune Out to Tunes

Music is considered the universal language and often puts into words all the feelings we have trouble verbalizing for ourselves. During this COVID crisis, though we might not be able to name them, many of us struggle to keep a handle on our emotions.

That means this is a great time to pop in some earbuds and tune the world out with a playlist of your favorite songs. Music will not only lift your mood and spirits; it will give voice to all the things you’re feeling. And if you really want to release some inner angst, don’t just listen… dance it out!

Move Your Body

This is a great time to be gentle with yourself. Not everyone is built to be home 24/7. If that’s you, it’s okay to feel antsy. Extroverted types especially may find it difficult to deal with their feelings of loss around social connections. Exercise in whatever form you love best is a great way to release pent up energy and anxiety.

Try going for a morning run or an evening walk, do some home yoga, and combine meditation and movement into one. Even if you just commit to some basic stretching each day, your mood and your body will thank you.

Rediscover Your Creative Side

Once upon a time, you were a kid that was happy to get lost in being creative. Quarantine is an excellent opportunity to revisit that creative side of yourself that you may not always allow out to play. Creativity can take many forms. Some love to do home projects and DIY renovations. Others love to do crafts with their family. You can have a cook-off with your better half or play games with your teenagers.

Maybe creativity is picking up your old hobby of drawing or painting or writing. Whatever creativity looks like for you, engage in it, and feel the peace of the flow state that comes when you’re engrossed in something you thoroughly love.

There are many ways to keep yourself healthy and occupied at home during this challenging time. The key is to find activities that work for you, and then do them. It really is that simple.