7 Signs You Need a Virtual Office

virtual office

If COVID-19 has taught us anything about work, it’s that it can be done —and done well — remotely. Not only that, but teleworking has a lot of benefits — not the least of which is reducing our chances of contracting or spreading the virus.

With so many employees working from home, businesses of all sizes are reevaluating whether they really need physical office space. Some are opting for a virtual office instead, where you can conduct business wherever you want with the support of office-related services.

Not sure if a virtual office is a good fit for you? Let’s explore seven reasons you might want to consider setting up a virtual office.

1. You Need to Work from Anywhere

Whether it’s just you or a workforce that’s spread out, a virtual office allows everyone to work wherever they please. This gives you flexibility not just in where you work, but also who you hire. You no longer have to pass on that talented developer across the country because they aren’t able to move.

2. You Need to Keep Costs Down

Virtual office services are significantly cheaper than leasing office space. You can find packages for as low as $50 to $100 per month, depending on your needs and area of the country. Compare that with paying thousands of dollars each month just to rent space — not to mention costs like furniture and maintenance.

3. You Want an Impressive Mailing Address

A mailing address is an important part of having a business, which can pose a problem when everyone is working from a different location. But with a virtual office plan, you can own a physical address that can help you establish an LLC as well as lend you credibility. For example, if you own a financial firm and live in Connecticut, you might want to have an address in Manhattan’s Financial District.

4. You Want Extra Support

With a virtual office, you can enjoy the perks of working from anywhere while also taking advantage of typical office services. You can utilize phone answering services where a live receptionist handles incoming calls, as well as mail forwarding that sends business mail to your home.

5. You Need Robust Virtual Tools

Running a business from home means communicating with clients and collaborating with colleagues virtually, which requires reliable technology. Video conferencing, instant messaging, project management, and cloud-based file storage are all key components to a successful virtual company.

6. You Need Meeting Space

Many virtual office plans will include access to physical meeting rooms. This will allow you to meet with clients, customers, job candidates, and potential business partners in a professional office building instead of your home or a cafe — lending more credibility to your company.

7. You Want to Increase Productivity

With no commute, a flexible work schedule, and strong virtual tools, you and your employees will enjoy not only higher productivity, but also better time management and lower stress levels.

If your business is looking for a virtual office, contact us so our team can help create an option that works best for your company.