6 Tips for Networking in Coworking Spaces


Luckily for those who work in a shared office space, the opportunity to network is right at your doorstep. Networking can sometimes be a bit awkward and forced, however in your coworking space, there’s a high chance you’re with motivated, like-minded individuals who are naturally curious about your business. There’s also less pressure because you have daily encounters rather than one big networking event. It’s important to note that you never know who may turn into a client, refer you to clients, or have insightful information into your line of business.

Below we’ve outlined six tips so you can feel more comfortable and completely nail the networking aspect of a coworking space. Fair warning, this will require you to keep your head up and headphones for out for a bit!

Make a Good First Impression

This really just begins with being aware of your surroundings. Introduce yourself and be authentic. Don’t immediately look for an opportunity to pitch your business. Get to know people and when the time is right, explain what it is you do. Connections will be more profound when they are natural.

Be Conversational

Anyone want to take a break and grab coffee? How was your weekend? Have you seen the event being hosted this Thursday, you going? These are just a few conversation starters to throw around at the office. Stay light and pleasant. Be a person people like to chat with, as everyone needs positive energy throughout their workday.

Coffee breaks can be a great time to share about your business and ask about others. The common strand in coworking spaces is that almost everyone runs their own business, is a part of a smaller company, or is a remote corporate team. Bounce back and forth about software programs, tax season hacks, and your general entrepreneurial inspirations.

Be on Display

Invest in business cards and branded stationery, notebooks, and pens. These will come in handy if you make a connection or if someone around the office just needs to borrow a piece of paper or pen. The more familiar everyone is with your company, the more likely they are to recommend you to their network.

Share What You Know

Have you done a recent course? Been in the business for a while and feel like an expert? Have a few connections up your sleeve? Be willing to help and share what you know. It’s likely you will be on the receiving end of this at some point as well. Giving and taking referrals is a great way to build contacts. Helping others will help you!

Attend or Host Events

If your coworking space holds events, take full advantage. It’s a perfect place to learn about people and their businesses without being attached to the daily stress of needing to get things done. These events can be major ice-breakers around the office. If your coworking space doesn’t hold events, think about what you could offer. Invite people around the office and showcase what your brand or business can offer them.

Be Friendly!

Above all else, make genuine connections. This is where the magic happens. Share your interests and be yourself. A life long friend could be sitting right next to you.

Let it Grow

Coworking spaces are just like regular office spaces where you can foster friendships and make great connections. It just so happens that multiple businesses are being run all at the same time. Use this to your complete advantage and learn about each company. Introduce yours in the right places, and you are sure to see it grow.

At Optimum Coworking, we’re here to support you in your day to day, your network, and your career. We even have wellness amenities, which offer a new place to get to know people in the office. For more information, or to tour our collaborative spaces, get in touch.